Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart #375


The draw is CLOSED-

I am in the process of contacting the winners!

It's time for ONE WORLD ONE HEART! Artsy Bloggers from around the world are offering art giveaways in this inspirational event. You are invited to visit blogs from all over the world. Each one will offer a prize or prizes. You enter by adding a comment. The bloggers will have a random draw on February 15th.

All you have to do to enter for my three draws is to make a comment on this page of my blog. I will draw a name on February 15. Double click the logo above to see all the bloggers that are participating then visit their sites and enter their draws!

Here are my offerings for One World One Heart 2010
Fusion Bangle

Polymer Clay BeachStone Bracelet
BeachStone Pendant
Lead free Pewter and 16" Sterling silver snake chain
If you are an arty blogger or website owner you are eligible to enter , just make a comment on my blog and you are entered to win. Be sure to include a link to your email so I will be able to contact you if your name is drawn.
Check out the One World One Heart Blog and get your blog on the list- everyone is welcome.




Good Luck!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Clay Daze- A polymer Clay Gathering in Victoria

My excuse for the quiet blog has been that I've been involved in CLAY DAZE- our Vancouver Island Polymer Clay Artists' Guild's gathering. Follow the link above to see what we're up to! This morning we'll be running the finale of our Silent Auction for Haiti. elbow pads and hockey helmets may come in handy1 in the final minutes!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Style Polymer Clay BeachStone Bracelet

I've been making Beachstone Bracelets for a long time now and have been searching for a different spin on them- I found it! I've switched from using clear elastic and now I'm using thin buna and letting the cord become a part of the design. I'm layering beads on beads for even more colour contrasts and textures. The bracelets are still flexible and one size fits all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Balancing Stones...polymer clay pendants

...the balancing stone sculptures led me to make some polymer clay pendants with a similar theme. I''ll be offering one of these in my One World One Heart Giveaway!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stone Sculptures- Rock Balancing- Stone Stacking

On a beach hike this weekend I found these stone sculptures created by an anonymous artist. This phenomena has been popular here on the coast of BC for many years. I've just done some googling and discovered that the correct name is Rock Balancing (or Stacking). Some people like Bill Dan are professionals. It can be competitive performance art too- check out the Team Sandtastic Site.

I love these beautiful little surprises that people design and leave for others to enjoy.
And yes- I think I have a polymer clay BeachStone application in mind.....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Weekend at Point No Point

I just returned for a few mistily blissful days at Point No Point on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We had a beautiful little cottage overlooking the surf. We spent hours time reading good books by a roaring fire in a beachhouse that sheltered us from the constant rain.

photo above- c/o Point No Point Resort`

I beachcombed and photographed shore themed compositions to play with here at home. Unlike all my photos from warmer and drier months these photos are all about wetness- the stones gleam- the wood is saturated and the colours are intense. I was particularily fascinated by the interplay of texture and colours of the beachstones that have been strewn on the convoluted chunks of driftwood that are piled on this stormy shore.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wearable Art- Polymer Clay Crackle Technique

I'm preparing for the upcoming Island Artisans Association's Wholesale Show on February 7th. I'm excited about doing a lot more Wearable Art this year and after spending time on "R&D" this week I have all sorts of wonderful goodies on order from suppliers. While I wait for the packages I've been spending time working on my "crackled "polymer clay Fusion Bangles. I found some buna cord and added a new little embellishment using a bead design I came up with last year... I think this might go off in some other directions!

This Fusion Bangle will be a second offering in the One World One Heart blog event.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Ending the holiday season during a weekend is very civilised, there's a graceful wind down. This morning we took the tree down and got the house back to our family's version of "normal". My son is in a state of shock about waking up before noon to help take the tree to the recycling depot but he will thank us for helping jig his internal clock back to normal when his alarm goes off at 6:00 am on Monday morning. The cat seems to be sulking since his traditional bow was removed from his collar but he often has that look on his face so we're not completely sure about his state of mind. I have put the Shaw Fireplace on my PVR so I can have it on any time of year- it's a great background sound. The pine needles are swept up. The Seasonal CDs and DVDs are stored. The lights are still up outside just in case in snows... a sure sign that we're west coasters.

aMused Studio begins a new year in the usual state of mid-project disorder. I am serious about getting back to work- this morning I got out the nail file and filed my nails down down as low as they can go!

There's LOTS to do- I have a wholesale show coming up at the beginning of February so I'll be making a lot of Fusion Bangles, Beachstone Bracelets, BeachStone Strands and my new BeachStone Pendants. This one will be going in the One World One Heart event.

I'm going to be taking shoreline photos in Sooke this coming weekend and hope they inspire some mixed media canvases for the display. I have to redesign my business cards and have them printed, get a banner made and organise the booth.

The Clay Daze Gathering is set for the end of January here in Victoria and it will be a busy time too! I'm coordinating Sales Tables and the Polymer Clay Art and Craft Exhibition- looking forward to hearing from everyone who plans to participate!

So many people who I have met through this blog share my passion for reading and they have inspired me to develop a 2010 list of the books I've read or am reading to this blog... the list is in the column to the right. I'm curious to see how many I end up reading!