Monday, January 17, 2011

Cold Connections with Steel Wire & Continuing Greenshade

The May 2009 Issue of Art Jewelry was the morning's reading and jumpstarted the week! This was the "Green Issue" and has a lot of info about recycling and repurposing.  Brenda Schweder wrote "Capture Found Objects with Low Cost Steel Wire". This piqued my interest as I've been a devotee of "low carbon black annealed steel wire" for years. Known as "stove", "rebar" or "baling" wire- it's been vital in my work for years as an armature as well as an occasional "out front" wearable art component.  Brenda's article is clear and fascinating and her books look tempting too! 

After my reading session I got busy again in the studio... Here's GreenShade on Monday. I'll be travelling to Washington State tomorrow for a soldering class at "Pouncing Rain". I'll have a ferry ride over to the mainland my plan is to get some detailed sketches of the lady who is wandering down this garden path as the islands go by the windows. The muse may get busy because I'll sail by Galiano Island which is where I took the photo of the gate!

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