Friday, January 14, 2011

Firing Considerations & Greenshade

Today I started the day with the November 2010 issue of Art Jewelry. The article that best suited my metal clay research was a fine tutorial by Cindy Miller describing how to make a hollow metal clay bead. I see many applications for my ideas here but I'm beginning to see that my plans may be compromised until I invest in a kiln. For the time being I have to keep my real-time explorations in metal clay limited to flat simple pieces which is actually the plan I had in the first place. Of course this is all just talk because I'm still waiting for a supplies shipment before I can even clear my work table off and get mixing the Hadar's Copper clay ! I may be able to do something this weekend though because a parcel is waiting for me at the post office!
I took a big step with metal work last night at a very enjoyable hammered link class. I will post a picture when I finish the piece.
In my polymer clay zone work continues on the clay on board piece that has a working title "Greenshade"...I'm still working on the background.

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  1. Have not tried mixing Harars's clays yet...anxious to hear how workable they are:)


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