Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Morning Reading: 10 grams of Metal Clay & A Days Work: Several Pounds of Polymer Clay

This morning I  got my coffee and curled up by the fire to explore the November 2009 issue of Art Jewelry.  As a polymer clayer I find many parallels in approach and as I branch over to metal clay many of my current tools and skill set will serve me well. My favourite article in the magazine was a challenge for 5 metal clayers to create pieces with a limit of 10 grams of clay. The photos in the article were close to scale so I enjoyed the take on economic innovation.
Now the metal clay research is done, I'm embarking on the clay stage of my current polymer project. There's a shift from the modest 10 grams of metal to a much heftier amount of polymer!
sketch on 16x20 board
digitally altered photo - Galiano Garden Gate
The polymer project has been firmly captured by the Muse and she gave me 4 am directions this morning when I was supposed to be asleep. It isn't on canvas- it's on a 16"x20"board this time and I suspect the over the top colour scheme is going to be a bit moodier... Here's the sketch on the board and the gate will be a  background component...

 to be continued....

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  1. Interesting how our muses stir us to areas that we weren't even intending on in the beginning!


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