Thursday, July 31, 2014

Demo at South Shore Gallery in Sooke!

I will be doing a demo at South Shore Gallery in Sooke from 11:30 am until approximately 4 pm this Saturday- August 2, 2014. I will be working on my new Segmented Vessels and Bowls. Hope some of you are able to drop over and say hello!


  1. These are great Gera, just like all of your art At first glance, I thought they were bracelets. That could work too. I really like the organic feel in your work. It's actually a very comforting feeling. Don't know why I said that, but that's what I got. Really like the colors you use. Thanks for posting.

  2. beautiful compositions! this inspires me greatly ceramic wise. Your use of color is so rustic and earthy, the use of beads so cleverly placed and not overbearing. Thank you for your art work and thoughtful symmetry.


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