Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Flower Seller

I've been away from the blog for a week or so, completely focused on this piece- "The Flower Seller". It's the first frieze incorporating the Muse concept. It's sort of a self portrait- not that I am a flower seller but because every time I have ever taken one of those career inventory tests I'm advised to be a floral designer. She's wearing a checkered apron similar to one I wore at art school too... I imagine her in a lovely outdoor market surrounded by fruit and vegetable stands and artisan's booths featuring polymer clay! In spite of all the hustle and bustle she's in a world of her own.
The piece is approx 11x13" and out of curiosity I weighed it- it's 4.5 lbs.
Now that "The Flower Seller" is finished I found time for some housekeeping in my Online aMused Gallery- there are a few new images there- www.amusedgallery.com!

A post script about my cranky pasta machine- some duct tape and a clamp fixed that problem for now but I still plan to snag a DREAM Machine when it's available!


  1. oh, that is absolutely wonderful. It has some amazing energy too.

  2. I love this piece! You should consider entering something in Progress and Possibilities this year...


  3. Gera, you've been busy!! Wonderful frieze and Barb is right.
    Sorry your pasta machine isn't the dream (machine), but your work certainly is!

  4. How wonderful it is ! I am always so found of your creations ! Completely amazing and gorgeous !
    Salut de France !

  5. SHe is beautiful - just like you


  6. Your frieze is wonderful. I love the sense of depth and all the detail. And of course the colour is amazing.


  7. Hi Gera,
    Your "muses" are so adorable and your friezes are so unique but I think this one is really something -- makes a winning combo!


  8. I love the metallic sheen on your pieces. Are they foils, paints, or mica powders? Or some combination of these?
    Just beautiful!


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