Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Canada Day- Polymer Clay in Canada

July First is Canada's birthday- it's Canada Day and we're 141 years young! Most Canadians will find a way to add red and white to their outfits for the day - many will have maple leafs on their faces or other body bits- ..... we''ll take the day off, show the flag, have fun and most likely catch some fireworks at the end of the day. We Canadians are very, very proud of our country and especially of our troops serving in Afghanistan.

We Canadians have a wonderful community of polymer clayers with many vibrant guilds and fantastically talented artists.

"Clayamies" is our national online guild... you are welcome to visit and see what we Can-do! If you're a Canuck- join us!

Here's my daughter Genevieve ready to celebrate the day- the tatoo on her arms says- Canada Rocks!

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  1. good going gen thats how to show canadian spirit


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