Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prettier Pictures- Galiano Island

Having that pasta machine picture as the welcoming image on my blog was sort of gross so here are some more attractive pictures I took on a recent trip to Galiano Island. The beach was composed of miles and miles of huge rocky slabs with amazing textures and sculptural effects. It's inspired an idea for something to do with polymer clay...

The photos are all of solid stone formations, there was no sand on the beach!


  1. As you say Gera very inspiring!

  2. Gera, those holes and pits look very much like your pasta machine roller tho, lol. Wonder if you can take those rollers out of your machine when you get the Dream machine and still use them as handrollers for texture.
    Love those rock formations. Haven't been able to visit them for a long time now. The one with the brick like layers looks like an ancient wall built by man, but its natural erosion. Amazing what nature can create. Thanks for the look.

  3. Wow that texture is amazing! Makes you wish you had a 5 foot wide acrylic roller and a huge slab of clay, to get some very cool impressions!!

  4. LOVE those rock textures! Amazing what nature does - we just have to keep our eyes open and savor...



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