Friday, July 31, 2009

Legacy Gallery & Cafe- Victoria BC

I am very happy to announce that my Muses, clay on canvas collages and beachstone bracelets will now be on display for sale in the gift shop at the lovely Legacy Gallery & Cafe in downtown Victoria!


  1. Hi there Gera:
    I'm from Haifa, Israel, and I am a devoted fan of your art. In our local polymer clay group artists from abroad come for a workshop like Donna was and Grant Difendafer and Jana Benson. a little birdy whisphered in my ear you might come too. I am looking forward for your coming, 'looking forward' is not the right word - enthusiastically waiting...
    I made a canvas with clay inspired by you,
    it's half way done, it turned out completely ME. that's the way it should be, Should'nt it?
    I digress...blah blah blah. I would like to send you a picture (Email sort of), but don't know where...
    have a nice week!

  2. Hi Tirza- I'd LOVe to see your canvas! Email me at

    best wishes- gera

  3. Congrats cool to have a venue down there for your work. They're lucky to have you!


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