Sunday, December 27, 2009

Considering the end of the year....

We had a great Christmas and Boxing Day here! I'm not a Boxing Day shopper, for me it's a day to light a fire, relax and read a good book- this year it's the new Dan Brown- The Lost Symbol.

I'm also in that reflective state of mind that comes at the conclusion of the year. As 2008 drew to a frantic close, the looming recession had many of us in a "circle the wagons" frame of mind. As a decorative artist/artisan I was very concerned about the effect of the recession on sales. I didn't want to spend 2009 making things with costly materials that didn't sell then having all sorts of extra work rattling around in 2010. I decided have an exploratory year- to experiment and to make several large pieces for exhibitions. I cut back any production work to a trickle. I'm very glad I did, 2009 has been a year of exciting discoveries for me and I'm happy with the direction I'm going.

After great sales with BeachStone bracelets at the Sooke Fine Arts Show I did some jewellery production work for the holiday season and sales have been very good! I plan to launch a wholesale line for 2010, mostly with the BeachStone concept but the mixed media photographic work may introduce a different twist on colours! Fusion Bangles will be back too. Most importantly, I'm going to continue on the path I'm taking with photography, clay and 3D canvases- I'm hoping very much to be able to submit work to more exhibitions in 2010.... enough meandering for now.... back to my book....

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