Friday, April 2, 2010

Polymer Clay Mixed Media Bowl - Day Four

The main focus of the day was BeachStones for the interior of the bowl. It took my mind off of a minor set back with my rusty a tea drinker I forgot that instant coffee is water soluble so I lost all of that particular accent colour when I wet the bowl during a sanding session. ooOoops! I saw the episode as humourous once I was able to concoct a replacement with some fimo gel and embossing powders. The last project of the day was to put legs on the bowl. Here it is in the oven for the final firing of the day. The bowl is placed on top of the light fixture which is draped with a tea towel. After taking the photo I put the corners of the cloth over the piece to protect the "rust" - the organic inclusions are sensitive to scorching with repeated firings.  

To be continued....

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