Friday, September 17, 2010

Polymer, Resin and Fibre and a Fashion Focus

I'm working flat out with polymer clay production! The night market was rained out but it certainly motivated me to get a good selection of work underway for the busy season ahead.

Combining polymer, resin and fibre is really exciting for me as it combines colour and texture. The fibre pieces are becoming increasingly dramatic and being able to put together outfits to showcase my own art is always a lot of fun! I am going out for dinner tomorrow night and I'm on the lookout for a shirt to combine with one of these necklaces to accent a vivid turquoise sweater I purchased in Chile.


  1. This work is really amazing, congratulations, thank you for sharing

  2. Really stunning, Gera! I love them all. I can see the last piece with your new sweater. Photos of you all dressed to kill, please!!

  3. These look really stunning, Gera. I like the contrast between the fibres and the polymer clay pieces, which I guess are resin coated, and lovely colour combinations.


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