Sunday, April 29, 2012

Transition door closes and another one may be cracking open

This was a significant week for my transition towards getting back to making one of a kind 3 dimensional pieces. I shipped out the last of my mini crackle resin earrings. They were really popular and it was  hard to say," They're discontinued." when I had two orders for LOTS of them. The popularity had a huge drawback in that I spent HOURS upon HOURS making them and the fascination had faded after the first few hundred and no one ever saw the behind the scene work buggle detecting!  I realise now I don't even have a pair left for myself as a souvenier. I still have a healthy supply of my other resin work though!
The other good thing was that I was chatting with a local gallery owner who expressed enthusiastic interest in seeing my kelp baskets! It's very good timing as the kelp should be starting it's annual drift to the beaches any day now and I plan to start my days with a coffee fuelled beach stroll with a big plastic bag. After all the classes and courses I've taken in the last six months I'm excited to apply many of the techniques to this wonderful material!

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