Monday, January 21, 2013

First Project of 2013... completed

I started 2013 with a plan to make a combination Basket and Muse project for the Chameleon Show but an unfortunate encounter with Norovirus stole a precious week of work. The nasty virus hit every member of the family except the cat. That was bad enough but I had planned to have some work showing this year's direction combining Muses and basketry and losing a week of work made the project impossible. I cheered myself up by spending the time I had available at the worktable and made these three Muses - (left to right) Vianne, Constance and Mora. 

People often ask about the names of the Muses. This year I decided to name each Muse after characters in the books I read this year.  

So now the Chameleon boxes are all inventoried, packed and ready for pick up and the next project is set in my sketchbook.... it combines kelp, clay and organic materials and I can't wait to get started!


  1. i just love everything about these muses.. they are perfection!

  2. These '3 Visitors' to the show will make a great welcome committee, nice offerings in hand and they in themselves. ...Probably the first thing people will be drawn to as they are colorfully magnetizing!! :)
    A battle with the flu and to come back strong like this, I'm so glad you made these the start for the New Year. Very symbolic what they hold in their hands...It's going to be an amazing show Gera...and a fruitful year!

  3. I'm really looking forward to it Tina- I'll take LOTS of pictures- I plan to be completely inspired by your treasures too!!


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