Thursday, July 4, 2013

Art Cards

Art cards are a mainstay of aMused Studio. I have found that cards can generate at least half of my intake at many shows. I have photographed my work and used the images on cards. I'm going to try a new approach and use photos I have taken on my travels. Here are some of the images that I'll be putting on cards. I love tinkering with Photoshop!

"Koi"- my pond a few years ago- sadly they were kidnapped by a heron

"Rain in Maine"

Tidepool at Point No Point

Kayaks in the Bay

Kayak Stack


  1. Yup, you definitely can add another talent to your artistry...creative photography! You have such an eye for colour, shapes and arrangement! Love the "Rain in Maine" and the Koi! (darned Heron) Krista's favorite fish are Koi, No idea where she first discovered them, but she gets super excited whenever she sees them, on photos, on TV, and in real life. She throws up her arms and squeals "KOY Fishhhhh!! Yeah!!" Wish we had a place for a pond, lol

  2. ThankS Tina!
    Krista & I Share a love for Koi. Such lovely creatures & each has 2 personality which is Why the occasional heron raid is Very Upsetting


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