Saturday, January 11, 2014

Busy in the Studio!

It's a good feeling to start work at 7 am and be completely occupied until 4 pm! I have been building up my FuSions Inventory for the Crafthouse Shop at YVR and Etsy. During firing times I finished a few projects that have been glaring at me from the worktable. One of those projects was this little Muse - Sophee. She is much happier now that I have devoted time to her. When she stands up straight and has her head dress on she is 11 inches tall. She has a funky little lean towards the left which is fine by me!

I rifled through my storage bins and have found four canvasses for some new work after I clear up my very messy worktable- they are job one for next week.


  1. I love your Muses! I have only just now come across your work. All is so beautiful. Where have all the Muses gone?!

  2. Well, this one will be up for sale soon....if there's an active market I will make them! :-D


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