Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fashion Resources

I have often used Vogue as a source of inspiration but now I have a new source- Etsy! A few days ago I saw a post in Facebook sharing an Etsy photo of this amazing jacket by Katwise

that turned on that little lightbulb above my head and made me grab my sketchbook! Her Etsy Site is glorious and the colours are outrageously fantastigamocorically incredible! I am a dreadful seamstress so the patterns won't help me but I would be over the moon to own one of those sweaters. How perfect as a craft show outfit!

I love the gesture of the model in the photo and the flow of the garment. I will add my own colour and pattern spin on the piece. Here's my preliminary sketch.... a modest start and certainlly not reflecting the feast of colour I have in mind- I have to say I am very excited!

I purchased a 16x20 board for the piece and work will commence tomorrow!


  1. Hi Gera ,
    I have been following your blog for some time now and always find interesting stuff to inspire. I loved this post on the wonderful jackets by Katwise . Thank you for sharing this wonderful post


  2. That is Kat modelling. Her work sells out in minutes - she puts maybe 60 sweaters up on Etsy on a particular pre-announced date, and poof, they're gone. if you think her clothing is amazing you should see her house - she leads a very colourful life.


  3. I was so pleased to get a message from Kat giving me her blessing for the project!


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