Tuesday, September 18, 2007

aMusements in Polymer Clay at Beeks Lane

I'm home again from teaching my Secretive Woman Workshop at Beeks Lane. We had a terrific group with great energy, talent and humour! Each September Georgia coordinates a delightful working weekend experience with a beautiful rural setting, delicious meals and lots of fun, laughter and inspiration for all! Keep an eye on Georgia's website for news of next September's Workshop with guest teacher Wanda Shum.
Here's a picture of iggy and I.

I'm always inspired by what I learn from each workshop I do. Teaching is a Creative Process and it's incredible how each Workshop shapes the next. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this group- I began by sharing a process that I am very familiar with then as the hours passed I stepped back as each clayer gradually took the "reins" and followed their own path allowing me to me to reflect upon my own approach both as a teacher and as an artist. Each workshop changes and enriches my own creative outlook.

I used to feel concerned when the workshop ran out of time and some of the Secretive Women weren't completed. Happily I'm concluding that the feeling was a holdover from my public school teaching background. I'm coming to learn that it's impossible to put a time limit on creativity and incomplete work usually reflects an artists delight in savouring the process rather than problems with my timing. Most of the Secretive Women were bundled up at the end of the day in various stages of completion and they were aptly named as each held the secret of who and what she will finally be! We all are waiting eagerly for pictures of the completed characters!

Janice Van Beek has sent me a picture of "Jillian". She's a stunner!

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  1. Gera,

    I met with Barb who attended your class and it made me really wish that I had gone. I know that both Barb and Janice really enjoyed your class and it was interesting to see how the work differed just between the two.

    Congratulations on a wonderful class. I'm envious of the people that were there.



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