Monday, March 31, 2008

Serendipity During Spring Cleaning

I'm waiting for ten pounds of black premo and until the shipment arrives I won't be getting too much claying done. I spent the weekend cleaning out boxes in the basement. It was a challenging process as I seem to have a deep sentimental attachment to my children's artwork and assorted greeting cards. I have managed to pare it all down to three large rubbermaid bins. I'm appalled at the amount of broken toys and little trinkets that are unrecyleable.

There were many bittersweet moments as I read old cards and letters. I heard so many voices of friends taken too soon by cancer. There were bright spots through the process though - I found this wonderful Carolee Pollock card sent to me by my very best friend in 1989. It reflects the concept I'm planning to use for the fishing boat frieze.

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