Saturday, March 1, 2008

Timing & Influenza Influence

This has been a very weird week. Vast quantities of cold meds and being frequently simmered in a eucalyptus infused bathtub can have that effect on a person.

I had a very sore neck at Sojourn which earned me a lovely neck massage from Nancy Quinn but was actually the first symptom of a vindictive flu bug (possibly the one in the photo) that has spread like wildfire through many of the Sojourn participants. Like at least five other Sojourners, rather than unpacking my clay stuff and getting back to work I've been flattened by this thing all this week. I hear that this bug is all over Vancouver Island right now. (My daughter's hair stylist told me that so it must be true!)In retrospect we are lucky that we were able to enjoy ourselves before the flu hit us. We did miss Kristine Ovens who ended up with pneumonia and was only able to join us on the last day of Sojourn.

So-this week I've been feeling sick and trying to blog Sojourn and to prep for a wholesale show tomorrow and for good measure why not take Vista out of the computer and convert to Linux with Ubuntu? Why ever not?

Timing is everything. Sometimes I wonder about my sense of it....I'd ponder more but I have to load the car.

Photo by CalTech


  1. G, This flu bug pictured looks like a work of art...nasty as it makes us feel. Makes me think of intricate beadwork. Stillrecovering myself and anxious to unpack my claystuff too, lol. Great blog! thanks for the pics.

  2. I will agree with Tina! It looks like it could provide some creative inspiration? I'm still feeling well and so far not affected by this lousy virus. Take care Gera and good luck with the show.


  3. Thanks for the pictures G. And so sorry you got a bug to keep you busy after Sojourner! Take care (if you have time!) vio

  4. great stuff here, g... i too love the "bug" but am not to keen on its influence... i can hardly talk as i type this, my voice is doing the strangest things!
    i sure hope you are feeling better asap!


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