Friday, February 29, 2008

Sojourn- New Friends and So Much Claying!

Sojourn was a wonderful opportunity for our two British Columbia Polymer Clay Guilds- The Vancouver Island and the Vancouver (why not make it BC?) guilds to finally get together in "real time". There was a great buzz as people shared their passion for clay and delighted in new friendships (as well as some very good food!)

Starting the day with a pleasant breakfast - left to right- Cheryl, Wanda, iggy, Maureen, Dee & Gen.

Lots of concentration but it was never quiet!

we were too busy to be organized!
Dee- a "newbie" no longer!

Georgia Ferrel aka iggy- teaching her Tumblescope workshop-
Joan Tayler covering the scope barrel

Cheryl Trottier selling her marvellous "Itty bitty Baby" DVDs and molds-

Lunchtime! Dee, Gen, Cheryl, Wanda and iggy.

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