Sunday, February 3, 2008

Red Tulips

When I was a teacher one of my favourite stories in the kids' readers was "Red Tulips"- about a little girl who planted bulbs in an old teapot and was thrilled with the springtime show on her windowsill. A sure sign of the onset of spring is when the tulips are available in the local shops and I give myself a midwinter boost with a vase full of red tulips. I decided to celebrate by making this vase... Red Tulips is one of my favourite themes.
Speaking of Spring, our Canadian Groundhogs didn't see their shadows so spring IS on the way! (I feel sorry for the groundhog with a paper mache stump)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I would think these vases would be big sellers at your shows!!! I love buying pieces that are useful as well as beautiful!

  2. What a spectacular piece! It puts real tulips to shame.


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