Thursday, April 9, 2009

Polymer Clay Beach Woman Underway

I have managed to find some time in the studio and I'm discovering that my newest Muse has a strong voice. contrary to my original plans, she is not a wall hanging but is freestanding and the beach stones of her skirt and attached to the sculpture. She's going to be over 60cm/ 24" tall. Here's a hint of what she's about- the base of her skirt is to the right, the yarn in colours that I love- (I wish I could knit) and the steadily rising pile of polymer clay beachstones/beads. I'm looking forward to next week and that very clear calendar- this is a really exciting project!


  1. Love the new concept !!!
    and I love my Beach stones that you made
    years ago. so I can imagine how she would feel
    to hold . do you have a name for her yet ?

  2. Hi Cherylamie- no official name yet... but she has me thinking of a day I spent on a pebbbled beach watching a run of salmon flashing in the waves at Cluxewe - on northern Vancouver Island...


  3. I am way, way happy I found your blog, at such an opportune time for me. I will be following beach woman closely. I love the concept, the materials, everything about it. Had started something similar and then found you! Yay!

  4. Love that yarn, G! For next winter I would love, love, love to knit a couple of toques with that. Email me. I am once again inspired to create more of the beach pebbles, you know what I make with them, lol. My stash is very sad. Looking forward to your progress, wish me luck with mine.

  5. InaRae- keep in touch and share what you come up with too!

    Tina- good luck with increasing the stash!!


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