Monday, April 13, 2009

Syndromation Success!!

Gen's Syndromation Artist's Reception was a smashing success! We had a tremendous turnout and the room had a fantastic buzz of happy energy. Gen was beaming and was kept busy with giving hugs as friends arrived and receiving a tsunami of compliments and encouragement to continue on her path.

Special thanks go to Kathleen Schmalz, Robert Dalton, Caren Willms, Shauna Breit, Jennifer Jasechko, Adam Sawatsky, Grania Litwin and Denise Chow for the special roles they played in giving Gen this unforgettable opportunity.
Gen and I

Very proud father and daughter!
Shauna, Gen and I reflecting on the fun they had transcribing the descriptions of all of the pictures in the exhibition.

We met Rainbow, the moderator of the local Asperger's Meetup Group. She and Gen have a lot in common as they are both Aspies with Type 1 diabetes. I loved her T-shirt it said- "Asperger's- it's not how YOU think"

The Guest Book is full of well-earned kudos!
Gen greets Denise, her wonderful teacher from Oak Bay High.

(Polymer Clay Content) local polymer clay artists Wanda Shum, Liz Hoar and I check a detail.

Gen's illustrated stories captivate visitors of all ages!

Gen came home, went to her room and began drawing, it seems a lot of the people at the event want to have their own Gen-styled portraits. She's inspired and says she has a lot of work to do! I'm going to help Gen set up her own blog - more on that soon!

My son Brendan was the event photographer and did a wonderful job keeping on top of the action. He took over 300 photographs for Gen to treasure.


  1. You can actually see her excitement in the photos. Good for her! Congratulations to all involved. Hopefully, it brought some attention to Asperger's Syndrome too.

  2. Super big congratulations to Jen for the exhibition I would love to see in person!! I had a great time looking at all the pictures.
    Thanks for posting.


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