Sunday, August 23, 2009

BC Artists' Protest Against Massive Cuts to Arts Funding... join in!

An important message to BC Artists-

Dear Artists,

As many of you are aware, CARFAC BC has been part of a campaign since the announcement in March, to get the provincial government to rescind the proposed cuts to the BC Arts Council, over the next three years. We believe the cuts will be devastating to the entire community. The on-going letter writing campaign and press releases launched from all art disciples have been intelligent, informed and often elegant, but does not have quite the creative flair expected from the cultural sector and seems to have been largely ignored by the Liberals. As visual artists, we can actually show the province what a 40% cut to art looks like by cropping that percentage from our made in BC original art and pasting the remaining part, along with
name, title and location of artist onto the attached file. (Example above)
If you are interested in being part of this creative protest, please send me a 72 dpi JPEG of one of your art pieces along with the title and your current town and we will cut, paste and return your virtual postcard to you with information and addresses suggesting where you can send it. If you have the capabilities to complete the postcard yourself, please ask us for a zip file and we'll also provide the addresses with it.

For maximum impact, we need as many visual artists as possible to lead this charge in the next few weeks, (the new budget is rumoured to be presented September 1), so please contribute your 60% and pass on this request to other BC art friends!

Julie McIntyre, President

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