Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Challenge to Myself

When I was working solely with paper arts in 1998, I was given Nick Bantock's Forgetting Room as a gift. I had loved the Griffin and Sabine Books and was in love with his approach . The book is completely about an artist's journey of self discovery as well as an examination of the creative process. One of the Books on the shelves in my Among Friends piece is this very book.


I'm going to re-read The Forgetting Room to begin the process towards developing a composition on canvas including ephemera, paint and polymer clay.... I might even summon my courage and enroll in a Bantock workshop at his gallery/studio/workspace on Saltspring island-his space is called The Forgetting Room. The last time I went to Saltspring my daughter picked up a copy of the Spring Edition of Beautiful British Columbia Magazine and asked me to buy it because she liked a picture on the cover- I tossed it into the shopping cart without much thought. When we got to the house l leafed through the magazine and there was a description of Bantock Workshops on Saltspring Island! It gave me chills, especially after the reconnection with paper arts through one World One Heart. We went to the gallery the next day but it was closed- I felt a sense of disconnection as if the fates weren't working. Today I was given an invitation to consider connecting polymer clay with another approach and in an instant I thought of the Forgetting Room.
Maybe things happen for a reason.... this will be an ongoing process.

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  1. Oooh, I love Nick Bantock! I'm envious that he's so close to you. I just recently bought The Windflower which I haven't read.

    His stuff would translate well into clay.


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