Thursday, June 18, 2009

Polymer Clay on Stretched Canvas- Among Friends

I finished this piece yesterday. I've named it Among Friends. it's 16"x20" 44cmx51cm which is the maximum size that can go in my oven. There were several side projects involved including putting together a list of books that I have loved or were of particular significance to me. I had a font fest as I printed out all the titles and authors on lazertran injet decal paper then devised a way to make the decals transparent. I photoshopped Meriel then printed the image on lazertran then applied it to canvas board to make the "painting"- the cracks in the lazertran were a fantastic effect that came about when the piece was fired. It looks like an old oil painting. I painted over the image with tea to antique the white canvas exposed by the cracks.

So there she sits, absorbed in her book, snuggled in her wrap, a cup of tea on the table. Her bookshelves are full- she's among friends.


  1. Marvelous polymer painting !

  2. OMG Gera, another masterpiece.. she is amazing.. incredible... WOW

  3. Gera,

    You have been posting such incredible work lately. And since I'm an avid reader (although not lately), this one is especially wonderful. Keep it all going...

  4. Wonderful! You are my new favorite inspiration. Wonderful color, great detail!

  5. Gera I just LOOOOOve this one. It talks to me all those books. I would be in heaven being that character.
    I learn a lot from what you do . Thank you!

  6. I just love this concept, I've wondered about it, never have tried it. I just found your blog, I am so excited. I am now a follower.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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