Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sticking with Polymer Clay

My primary sticking compounds for polymer clay projects are Fimo Gel and Weldbond but I frequently use Cyanoacrylate glue. Super T is my favourite. I often end up with the glue on my fingers and it's a nasty sensation. I won't even discuss the time I accidentally glued my lips together. The usual recourse for these mishaps was nail polish remover but I'm glad to let fellow dribblers know that there's a wonderful solvent available for those sticky situations- SUPER SOLVENT by Golden West. Works right away and isn't terribly gross smelling either. I ordered mine from Lee Valley Tools.

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  1. Gluing your lips! That is so cute Gera... sounds like something I would do! Thanks for letting us know about this solvent. Had no idea there was such a thing. Will get some next time I'm at Lee Valley. Sounds like it could get me out of some pretty sticky situations!

    (hehe Bet you never knew I was so clever with the English language.)


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