Monday, June 8, 2009

Inspiration in the garden

I'm working on the new piece- it's another time consuming one- it has a library theme - "She Could Only Choose One" had flowers- this one has books. More on that soon. My ultimate goal is to have the piece done this week. (wish me luck on that!)

During firing times I am doing the little 5x7 canvases- and this morning had one of those awful- uh oh- what should I do? moments. I should have spent some time with my sketchbook yesterday but I was distracted by a good novel.

I grabbed the camera and went into the garden and was greeted by a dozen of these poppies that unfurled last night- problem solved- I'm thinking that orange will look very cool with a red and pink sunset background......

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  1. Am sure this one will be just as much of a stunner as the rest of your work, G. Wishing you luck in getting it done within your time-frame. Nice poppy!! Yummy colour!


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