Thursday, June 4, 2009

Polymer Clay Posies

Here's my interpretation of my garden in bloom! It's polymer clay on 5x7 canvas and I'm calling it June Posies. My garden isn't quite in full bloom yet bit will be very soon if the weather continues blazing at 30C/80-something Fahrenheit!


  1. I LOVE your beach lady! I also love you clay covered canvases. How do you get the clay to adhere? Isn't there a chance the clay sheet might become dislodged from the canvas?

  2. And how do you get your beach pebbles to look so relistic?

  3. I spread some white glue- I use weldbond onto the canvas- sticks great- i aslo extend the clay to the sides of the stretched canvas so sticking isn't a problem.

    As for realistic beach pebbles- I've been a chronic beach stone collector forever - I love them- making them is just a wonderful exercise in colour mixing and adding inclusions like herbs, spices, sand, embossing powders, crushed shells from the shore and- sand!


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