Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Polymer Clay on Stretched Canvas- May Storm

I'm working steadily on these little 5x7 canvases and I'm getting a satisfying little collection on the studio wall. I'll feel a bit sad next week because I'll be sending most of them away to galleries. This one is May Storm it's 5x7.


  1. I really like these new works you are into these days Gera.
    This one in particular because of my allergies this is the only way flowers and I get near each other.

    They really pop out!Divine colours.

  2. I'm just loving your new work! Each new piece makes me smile!!!! And the colors.....yummy!

  3. I was just reminded of your work on the PolymerClay Daily blog. I love the way your colors just pop off the page. I have never thought to use canvas as a backing - which is really strange since I've been a decorative artist for 20 plus years before discovering polymer clay!


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