Monday, November 16, 2009

Oak Bay Artists' Studio Tour- A Marvellous Weekend!

The Studio Tour was a terrific experience and I hope that the people that visited my home had as much fun as I did! Artists who work in solitude and send their work away to other venues for display and sale very rarely receive direct feedback. For me the most frequent means of positive feedback is a computer generated cheque from a gallery for sales at the end of the month so meeting the public and receiving encouragement first-hand is wonderful and really re-charges the inspiration batteries!
I was very pleased with sales and was thrilled when I was invited to display my work in a new Oak Bay Avenue Gallery! (More on that on Wednesday)

I set up my dining room to be an open space and (after checking I still have paint to repair the nail holes) I used the walls rather than setting up screens. The art was divided with my work from the first half of the year on one side and the newer clay & photo collage Galiano series on the other. "Arbutus" had a spot of honour as she was the turning point piece. My dining table turned into a little store for small items and art cards. My funky old 1911 house was in direct competition with my art for attention which didn't bother me at all as I am completely in love with the place!


  1. I enjoyed a glimpse of your art and your home. Your contemporary work compliments your home enviornment very nicely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I got the feeling that I was there. great to see your work on a wall or where it should be seen.
    Thanks for the tour!

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the studio tour with us. I have enjoyed seeing your artwork over the last couple of years. I just wish I could see some of it in person.
    Oh, and that stairstep cabinet is fantastic! I know it has nothing to do with your artwork, but I just had to comment on it.
    Thanks again.

  4. I just love all of the work you do Gera. The canvases, the beach stone women, your jewelry. But my favorite is the woman standing in the field of flowers! She is beauty, life, youth and color. She would make any place she graced, a happy place!

  5. Gera, how wonderful to have a home as lovely as yours to showcase your amazing work. Thank you for posting pictures! For those of us not able to see in person, it is a small taste of the gorgeous world of Gera - thank you for sharing!

  6. Oh my Gosh..these are breathtaking...I cant believe what creativity and talent..Ive never seen pieces like this before...Im dying to know how you go about makiing these..I adore the woman in the field of flowers...Cant wait to keep watching for new items..!!


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