Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crawling out from under a rock...

Ooops- I haven't posted here for a bit!  I'm currently spending time on my "rockpile" making lots of BeachStones to have on hand to make bracelets and necklaces for a couple of outdoor markets and to keep up to date supplying shops and galleries carrying my work. Making BeachStones is fun but it gives me time to do a lot of thinking...

I'm enjoying resin work - especially earrings- but it's stop and go as I make items and then have to wait for materials not available in Canada to cross the border. I am considering ways to combine resin and polymer clay without any metal components. I also saw a cool concept in Chile that I plan to put together with resin and crackled clay... stay tuned!

I've been wrestling a lot with the time and co$t of making large pieces that move slowly in galleries/shops--this recession is not over yet!  The idea of a focus on elaborate OOAK wearable art- art jewelery or whatever it's called is appealing to me these days! What is a good name for polymer clay wearable art? It's not jewelery- what IS IT? Artwear? Comments?

A peek at my Reading List for 2010 reveals that I'm spending time buried in books too! Currently I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo...


  1. Last week our book club discussed that book. How timely if you saw the Charlie Rose interview. And for categorizing the work, I agree. Art To Wear is what I laughingly call my stuff. It's one of those all-encompassing terms. Like stuff, but with more chutzpah.

  2. I took

    The Girl Who Played with Fire with me to the hospital yesterday to read while waiting for a prodedure. A nurse laughed and told me I was the 3rd person she had seen that day reading a Larsson book. It is no 3 for me, and I am so sorry there will be no more. I haven't been so captivated by a writer in many years.

  3. Its a FANTASTIC book- I agree- it's hearbreaking that there will be no more....

  4. I love your rocks Gera!


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