Friday, July 16, 2010

Not so lazy Claydaze of freak out and & diversions

Art-wear or art jewelery or wearable art is keeping me hopping this summer. I just had a new order for earrings and am scrambling because my supply of bezels is in transit from the US. I just had to send an order for more supplies and I'm in shock at the outlay of money. Spending almost $1000 on materials and supplies is very scary for a person who mostly depends on consignment sales. I have a friend who does a lot of shows and has coveted wholesale contracts-  she'll laugh at me- for her $1000 is a drop in the bucket for a supplies order! anyway, as the old adage goes- "You have to spend money to make money"- wish me luck! If this blog suddenly stops you'll know I had to pawn the laptop.

Breaking News!- I finally ordered a new pasta machine (not a  D.R.E.A..M- I need to get a Hollywood salary for one of those).  My local clay friends will be laughing when they read this as my beloved old Atlas is frequently mocked for its battered appearance and "patina-ed rollers".  (Sand and shell fragments in clay can achieve the textured effect- I like it!) It's a beater but it's beloved. It has started to be- (wait for it)- CRANKY- and likes to chew thin translucent sheets so the time has come to let it find alternative employment as a doorstop. The replacement will be a new 7" Atlas Marcato- the same model. Poor thing- it has a crunchy life ahead.

But wait- there's more! I have a bug to experiment with silk painting- fabric and colourful fabric paint- what's not to love ? I'm currently at the online research stage with this.... hmmm- how much does silk cost?

Between ordering items, waiting for the letter carrier and researching new diversions and making earrings, pendants, BeachStone  bracelets and necklaces and reading The Girl Who Played with Fire (is that ironic?) I have found myself addicted to wonderful Luanne Udell's Blog. She's a master of the organic approach. Her blog is an absolute delight- images to savour and great reading. Tiny Beads and Little Lizard Thoughts struck a chord with me and I  have become a regular visitor. A visit to Luanne's blog is time very well spent especially if you are embarking on a craft show, she has a fantastic series on booth design.

Time to get some stuff out of the oven. Today's pic is  where I wish I was- sitting by my pond with Lisbeth Salander .

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