Sunday, August 8, 2010

Every Beach Has a Gift

When I clambered down from the Pender Puddingstone  bluff to explore the beach in front of our little cottage I spotted a dusky glint of cobalt blue in the gravelly sand. I reached down to scoop up a little nugget of beach glass and then noticed a piece of amber coloured glass, then a green one! I was reminded of the prospectors in the gold rush reporting how the gold nuggets littered the ground just waiting to be collected!

The beach is close to a marina and I have a hunch that sailors from the boats that moor nearby may toss their empties overboard and the bottles get caught in a current leading to our beach which, in the storm season, would present a  a rocky surge channel  that would pulverise the glass.

 My daily ritual  sunrise ritual is to go down to the beach  to collect these lovely little shards of wave weathered glass.

What will I do with them....? Wait and see!!

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