Sunday, August 8, 2010

On Pender Island

I've been on Pender Island for a the last while. We have rented a cottage that's perched on a hill that slopes to a rocky beach. There are frequent visits from  an orca pod and as we relax with good books on the deck we are often interrupted by the swish of eagle wings as the resident pair of eagles swoop to their perch on a craggy tree overlooking us.

The whale watching here is astonishing. The rocks in front of the cottage have a lookout deck and yesterday the whales chased salmon into the kelp forest in the waters beneath us. We could see the swirl and flash of the hunt beneath the surface. The most unforgettable moment was later in the day when my husband and I were watching our daughter relaxing on the deckchair on the lookout deck when suddenly the dorsal fins of three beautiful whales rose out of the water in front of her! That incredible image will remain with us forever.


  1. ahhh, I can feel myself right there with you. I so miss not living in the PNW any more. I loved watching the orcas when I was growing up. thank you for sharing your day

  2. Hey Kathi- head up any time! Canada's Pacific South West- the US Pacific North West is always heaven on earth !


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