Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Organized Studio!

There isn't anything new for sale today. I'll put up  final batch of offerings on Friday. There will be display stands etc. available in September.  I've really had fun with the transactions.Boxing items for minimum shipping costs has  been an interesting exercise. In two cases shipping items in 2 packages cut the costs by more than 50%!  I hope to see some of the creations that spring from the tools and materials I've sent out! 
Here's the studio now. It's organised and the only things in here are items relating specifically to what I'm doing now and what I plan to do this coming year .
computer and administrivia zone
storage zone

Storage and funky non-functional fireplace
 I've let a LOT of things go, what did I keep?

Polymer Clay
alcohol inks
lantern hardware
earring bezels
sari silks
found objects
resin and LEM UV box
my stash of beach kelp from Pender Island

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