Friday, September 30, 2011

Reflecting and Moving On

How anyone with a creative bent could visit new Mexico and not be deeply affected is beyond me. My head is absolutely spinning- I can easily understand why so many artists go to New Mexico and stay there. There is a pure celebration of the arts and an enthusiatic recognition that art is an important component of the state's economy.  Even the State Capitol Building doubles as an art gallery with EVERY corridor showcasing the art of the states most inspired residents. the state shares the extensive collection in an Online  Gallery. The Governor's office has a display of the state's current recipients of the Governor's Awards for Excellence.
The main lobby of the Capitol has a huge display of the Santa Fe book Artists Guild. 

As I toured the building which has amazing public access I was simply in awe of the integration of government in action with  the omnipresent anchor of the State's art and craft which in turn so reflects the land. 
Mixed Media Buffalo by Holly Hughes
As I traveled and luxuriated in so much explosive colour and kept finding variations of three dimensional approaches with organic materials and functional applications that I want to revisit (lanterns!!) I had the familiar dilemma  of enjoying my vacation but longing to get into the studio to put those new ideas into practice!
Stand by for some colourful posts here over the next few days... I'm happy to share some of the New Mexico's colourful inspiration! 

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