Sunday, October 2, 2011

My First Basket Making Workshop!

I went to my first basket-making workshop yesterday at Victoria's gorgeous Glendale Gardens
The Honeysuckle Rib Basket class was taught by Salt Spring Islander Joan Carrigan .  Joan is a brilliant basket maker, a very effective teacher and an absolute delight as she peppers her instructions with inventive words and phrases that make absolute sense as you poke, pack, weave and swoosh the materials into place. It was a lively class and as there was a psychiatrist and psychologist in the group we had no end of laughs about the therapeutic benefits of our choice of activity!
Joan helps us get started

At the end of the day- great work!

The verdict is in- I LOVED the process! Good thing as I currently have two more workshops ahead and I'm looking for more through this "Sabbatical" year. I need to give myself a good grounding in basketry before I'll be able to tackle some of the mixed media concepts that stare at me from my sketchbooks.
Here's my basket. As with all "firsts" it has approximately one million mistakes but I will cherish it always and I doubt I'll ever learn more from a single basket. 


  1. Your basket looks great! What fun!

  2. Love your basket. I enjoyed basket making when I used to do it. Maybe time for another go round. Hugs....


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