Friday, November 11, 2011

Chicago- my kind of town.

My first visit to Chicago was in July and we managed to fall in love with the city in spite of a humid 105F. Our friends there reminded us that their door is always open for hosting a return visit to see a Canucks game. A few months later I spotted that the SOFA show was in Chicago in November and on a whim I checked the NHL schedule and was astonished to see that both events were on the same weekend! Calendars were synchronised, airmile points were applied and the trip was on!

The SOFA and INTUIT show were beautifully overwhelming.  
The exhibitors are primarily galleries from the US but many Canadian artists were in evidence.  I have to say there was a modest showing of polymer clay but I wasn't looking at the many jewelry booths so I may have missed a lot. The RAM book was on a table for perusal and there was a lady there giving an enthusuastic  explanation of what polymer clay actually is.
As there was so much to see my focus was polymer clay, basketry and mixed media. I was over the moon when I found out that I could take pictures!!!! 
My two favourite booths were The Jane Sauer and the Tai Gallery which are both from Santa Fe and have a powerful focus on  basketry. The bamboo work in the Tai Gallery was fascinating.
Blackboard backgrounds were used in several booths- on walls or table tops

By the way- the Canucks won 6-2!

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