Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Micro Booth!

While I've been building foundation skills with basketry I have continued making clay items for sale in shops and galleries although not on the scale as in previous years. When I heard that my favourite craft event- Gifts for Myself and Others was offering space in a cooperative booth I signed up right away! It will be my only show this booth has shrunk from last years corner 8x10' booth to a svelte 2x3' section of a table. No grids or wall backing! Here's my ubiquitous pre-show dining room set up with art cards, earrings, Fusion Bangles and rings being my sole offerings. No baskets or woven projects this year.
I love my new 3 sectioned table top sized shutters- our neighbours tossed them on the boulevard during a home renovation and I snagged them along with several others - after a rejuvenating spray of copper paint they look very spiffy.

Today we'll set up the booth. The shelves and displays will be "loaded" tomorrow morning and the show starts TOMORROW! My feet will appreciate that a group booth means we work in shifts so we'll have time outs through the show.

To be continued....


  1. Hi! I really like the set up with the shutters, what did you use to clip to the back of the earring cards so that they would hang on the shutters?

    Could you email me back at

  2. The earrings are on a folded card that hangs oh the shutter.


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