Friday, January 20, 2012

Inky Doodles

7:37 am Here's a selection of rings and pendants reading to go into the oven. I like the way they've turned out with funky sketched images and my fingers will be firmly crossed when they hit the heat. The surface layer of the clay is translucent and things can go awry in spite of my best intentions. More in 20 minutes....

8:06 am PHEW! The clay fired perfectly and after an ice water plunge there's a nice suggestion of the foils under the translucents layer. Next step- pour resin and employ buggle avoidance.

8:32 am The resin is poured. The rings are nestled in a tray of barley to hold them flat. I'll leave them all in a dark place and take them out occasionally to poke air pockets with a needle and use a mini torch to get rid of buggles. It may take all day so I'll likely put these pieces under the lights tomorrow morning. 

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  1. Love your rings and things. The colours are glorious and the doodles are wonderful



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