Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012 with Gifts

Happy 2012!

 My first project here in aMused Studio was to do the draw for the year end goodies- thanks for all the comments! I put the names in my little cedar basket and the winners are.....

Vesta Giles-
Shelley Poole-
Mary Mills-

The surprises will be in the mail as soon as the statuary holidays are over!

My second project is to document what the studio looks like here on the first day of the new year. I did not clean up- I just took the photo- as Anderson Cooper might say- "I'm keeping myself honest". You can see the little basket used in the draw and some organizational turmoil on my desk. Rushes collected on Saltspring sit to the right reminding me to get a soaking bin. The polymer worktable is to the left with some balls of scrap clay waiting to be reconditioned. I resolve at some time to vacuum but I also resolve to accept that this room will never be consistently tidy.

The third project was to add the title of the last book I read in 2011 then get set to start my Reading List for 2012!

The fourth project is to head to the shore to launch my kayak - my back is working properly again and I'm feeling like a celebration!



  1. Thank you! I'm sooo excited! It is also great to see your studio - ours is a disaster area but at the top of our list for things to tackle. Happy New Year Gera and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Brave girl! I'd be mortified to show people a photo of my studio on most any day!

    Glad to know you're back is better, too. All the best for continued great health in 2012!

  3. LOL- thanks Karen- a good compliment for day one of the new year!!

  4. Such a nice large, and bright studio. Taking a picture was a good thing. So glad to hear your back is better.


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