Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kelp Considerations

Yesterday I paused between taking photos for a mini online tutorial(details coming soon), ordering bezels and getting OUT of this aMused Studio to have a wonderful lunch with good friends to do a Google search for kelp baskets. I was delighted to discover the kelp based experiments and creations of British designer Julia Lohmann. She conducted her some of her experiments in real-time at an open gallery and described carrying a suitcase full of kelp home from Ireland. Having travelled from Ireland and being familiar with the intense scruitiny at the airports there I wished she had given more details of checking that piece of luggage!

Her work is glorious and reminds me that I'll be travelling up the coast of Vancouver Island in a few weeks and hope to collect a nice shiny batch of bull kelp at the beach there. Julia has shown me some wonderful things to do with the luxuriant kelp leaves that I have been leaving behind on the shore!!  

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