Monday, February 6, 2012

A New Idea

I'm supposed to be clearing up a lot of polymer clay projects so I'll have lots of inventory for shows while I take the  six basketry courses I'm scheduled to attend through the spring . I also have to be ready to collect basketry materials in the form of yard trimmings from my neighbours boulevards as spring cleanup begins. In spite of this I managed to give myself another diversion with this neck ring idea. It's an offshoot of my FuSion bangles. The tips are finished with copper cones and the ring is held with a chain with a hook allowing for a range of adjustability. The clay is buffed to a high sheen with my foredom buffer. This one is a prototype. I think I'll make a few to add to my polymer clay inventory this summer.

It comes to mind that a similar ring could serve as a very interesting rim for a basket


  1. Gorgeous Gera! What a great idea

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I assume it's not flexible so would there be an issue with different sized necks?

  3. Hi Amelia- it's made with Premo and has a nice level of flexibility.


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