Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Latest Suspended Vessel

I finished my suspended vessel. It's 15" high and approximately 6" wide. Polymer clay  and wire and I have the next version underway!


  1. This is just rather wonderful. I love the use of space and the textures. The finials are a whimsical element that feels hopeful. It is like they are reaching that little bit higher and the little subtle bends in the wire reminds me of the honest journey to go upward and onward. It just speaks to me.
    Deb Groom

  2. -what a lovely uplifting comment Deb- a perfect way to launch the next one- and it will indeed have filials!

  3. Très beau Gera! A new venu that I find fantastic.I am sure you will find new fans for that new world you are creating.

  4. just gorgeous!
    and I looooooove it,

  5. Wow - this is such a fantastic piece. I really love the organic look you've created. Can't wait to see the next one now.


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