Monday, August 6, 2012

Bowker Creek Brush Up Prep!

Things are abuzz here as we get ready for the Bowker Creek Brush Up this Sunday! "WE" is significant because this year my daughter Gen and I will both be in the show! Gen will have a selection of her manga inspired work as well as information about her window painting ventures. I'll have a selection of work that shows the 2012 transition from polymer to basketry influenced mixed media vessels as well as some pieces that haven't been shown yet. I'll also have some art cards and wearable art. 

The Bowker Creek Brush Up has a strong focus on artists at work so Gen will be drawing- she always draws a crowd because her confidence with line is hypnotic- I'll be inking and assembling a new suspended vessel.

It all sounds so simple- but at present my table drapings need ironing, much of my stock is at another gallery and needs to be "borrowed" for the day, screen backings need a coat of spray paint, art cards need to be stuffed, and on and on and on....I'll be scrambling a bit because the two suspended vessels that were in the Sooke Fine Arts Show aren't going to be in pride of place in my display- the have found new homes- they both sold!

Here's Gen's window advertising the event!

The mustachioed  Gainsborough effect.....

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