Saturday, September 1, 2012

Packing Up and Starting Fresh

We're heading home today and I sorted and packed up the kelp for the trip home. My deck is going to be the final dehydration centre so although we're leaving the shore we'll still have the scent of the sea with us for a while.
My sketchbook is full of new ideas combining polymer clay with kelp so ratherthan feeling blue about the close of the vacation I'm revved up to get back to the studio for the Fall season!


  1. Hi Gera, that kelp looks fabulous. I really do miss being able to head to the islands or Long Beach on a moment's notice. I tried to dry out bull kelp in my carport but it just got all mushy and gummy and really smelled gross. Do you treat it before you dry it?

  2. Hi Vickie- I'm sort of learning the process through trial and error. Occasionally some pieces of kelp are on the mushy side when I collect them but if I get them in the sun they dry and are wonderfully coloured. Perhaps the garage was too dark and cold? when I dry indoors I use reflected UV light and have a heater on and the kelp dries well there but there's a definite seaside odor in the area until the kelp is nice and dry.

    1. Thanks Gera. I had them in the carport and my house was a north-facing frontage, so it was both cold (wind coming straight off the Georgia Straits) and sunless!!! Unfortunately, there is no seaweed here in Montreal, lol! I look forward to seeing more of your kelp work.


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