Monday, February 11, 2013

An Unforgettable Day!

Yesterday my husband and I caught an early ferry and headed over to Vancouver to attend the opening reception of CHAMELEON. The show is being held at the lovely Seymour Art Gallery in Deep Cove.
Lovely Deep Cove ....
We had a pre-show brunch with friends that we hadn't seen for almost 15 years and time flew as it always does when good friends re-connect. Eventually we headed over to the gallery. The place was packed and standing by the door with a beaming smile was a woman who very obviously knew me but as I scanned my brain cells for the polymer clay event in which I may have met her I came up with a blank.

...just before a fantastic reunion! I was photographing the demo table but "Trav" had her eye on me!
She repeated her name several times  before my synapses clicked and I recognised a friend I had grown up with in Port Alice on Northern Vancouver Island. We haven't seen each other for 20 years! The ensuing hug lasted a long time... she had seen my Facebook posts about the show and had decided to give me an unforgettable surprise!

Torn between a much longed for reunion and polymer clay I began the exploration of Chameleon and polymer has been done proud! It's a stunning show exquisitely displayed. Here is a teaser selection of photos- I have more but it might spoil the surprise for you should you be able to go. It was also fantastic to connect with so many Vancouver Clayers who, although they will be touring the show as part of the Vancouver HORIZONS Clay Conference  next week, took time to head to the North Shore for the Reception.
Joan Tayler's spectacular fish
Amazing Wall assemblage by Jem Redlich
Ellen  Kocher's wall magnificently textured wall hanging with airferns. 
Thanks to all the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guilders who have made this event possible and special thanks to Joan Tayler for having a big idea and following through!

The day was a great success and a significant was to start the Year of the Snake- A year of transitions and change. We ferried home with firm plans to reconnect next month with precious friends. I spent time sketching some ideas for the year ahead- it's amazing what positive feedback can do for a person! 


  1. Hi Gera,
    It was lovely to see your work once again.

  2. posted by an unforgettable lady. Thank you for attending the opening. You do such wonderful sculptures in polymer play. I feel so priveleged to know you...Nancy Quinn


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