Monday, March 18, 2013

Muse- Te'Skai and something new

Here's the Muse I finished in time for the NW basketweavers Retreat. She's Te'Skai and is approximately 26 inches tall. ....and here is the little basket I made in Nadine Speir's pine needle basket workshop. I hope to eventually combine the two concepts....


  1. She is really fabulous!!! I love the way you're combining the basket-weaving with the clay. Your work so inspirational!! By the way, where/how do you come up with the names for your muses?

  2. Thanks Diane- the names come from books I have read or in Te'Skai's case I make them up.

  3. Both are exquisite....but I'm totally smitten with Te'Skai
    Thanks for sharing them with us



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